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Apple Festival Wax Melt Bar

Apple Festival Wax Melt Bar

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Step into the enchanting world of our Apple Festival 100% soy wax melt bar, a delightful blend of apples, orange peel, clove, and cedar notes that will transport you to a vibrant autumn festival.

Handcrafted with premium 100% soy wax, this eco-friendly and clean-burning melt bar captures the essence of an Apple Festival without the need for an open flame. Simply place the bar in a wax warmer, and as it melts, the inviting fragrance of fresh apples, zesty orange peel, spiced clove, and the woody embrace of cedar will infuse your space with a sense of joy and celebration.

Embrace the spirit of fall with the delightful medley of Apple Festival, evoking images of apple orchards, warm spices, and laughter-filled gatherings. The sweet and tangy blend of fruit and spice notes will fill your home with a sense of wonder and delight.
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