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Little Fox Candle Co

Spiced Fig Wax Melt Bar

Spiced Fig Wax Melt Bar

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Introducing our Spiced Fig 100% soy wax melt bar, a captivating blend of fig, ginger root, and nutmeg notes that will infuse your home with an enchanting and comforting aroma.

Handcrafted with the finest 100% soy wax, this eco-friendly and clean-burning melt bar is the perfect way to enjoy the essence of Spiced Fig without the need for an open flame. Simply place the bar in a wax warmer, and as it melts, the enticing fragrance of fig, complemented by the warm and spicy notes of ginger root and nutmeg, will fill your space with a delightful and inviting scent.

Immerse yourself in the sweet and spiced embrace of Spiced Fig, a scent that conjures images of cozy autumn evenings and celebrations with loved ones.
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